Nicolas Gerard

Test Manager of the Localization testing team

“A great place to build your career.”

I found my way from France to Finland and Symbio for the obvious reason: I met a beautiful Finnish girl and was looking for a job in Helsinki. While job hunting, an ad caught my attention and, as a native French speaker and qualified translator, I was soon hired for the Localization testing team of Symbio. This was eight years ago, and by slowly working my way up, I am now the test manager of the Localization testing team.

The members of my team are from all corners of the globe, and I truly enjoy working in an international atmosphere. We have a very good team of testers working in languages that range from Arabic to Vietnamese, and even Zulu! Right now, my team and I are working on navigation solutions for the automotive industry.

Supporting your professional and personal growth

My manager works in Tampere, and we are in contact almost every day. He has supported me since the very beginning of my career, which I appreciate immensely. Through greater responsibility, more complex tasks and a team of my own, I’ve grown professionally and personally.

Symbio also supports the skills and expertise of its employees through various courses and educational events. We even had a two months-long Finnish language course at the office for the foreigners, a while ago, which was really nice. Moreover, every employee is given an allowance that they can use for sports, cultural activities and commuting. I used a part of it to pay for my commute, from my home in Helsinki to Symbio’s head office in Espoo. The new metro line is also very convenient, as our office is just a few steps from the metro station.

Make the world TICK with us!

People with a good attitude and an ability to adapt fast to changes thrive at Symbio. We are friendly, easy-to-get-along-with people, who welcome new team members with open arms! All in all, I can really recommend Symbio as a great place to work and build your career.

I hope you can make the world TICK with us!

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