Juha Tervo

Delivery Manager

“Working with global giants from day one.”

When I joined Symbio a few years ago, I immediately got to work with A-list companies from around the world. Instead of waiting around on the sidelines, I jumped right into the action.

I have specialized in cloud-based IoT service design but have done also some Bluetooth sensor-related mobile development. That means my job comes with plenty of responsibility. Right now I’m supervising teams in China and Finland.

Symbio as a workplace? I would say laidback, motivating and dedicated – people getting the job done on time without any extra drama or fuss. It’s also easy to get to our Espoo office thanks to a new metro line and our office view is a downright postcard – an open expanse of water with islands in the distance.

I can honestly think of nothing I want to change workwise!

Professional by day – relaxed by night

Like most companies, Symbio encourages you to explore and develop your expertise to the fullest. For example, I’ve gained valuable skills in cloud computing and system design, thanks to training programs organized by our company and our partners

We also have regular bar nights and breakfast meetings, where the big code is no one talks about code. These get-togethers are also a great way to meet colleagues and meet new coworkers. If you ask me, we are an excellent fit for people who love to learn and who enjoy adapting to an ever-changing world.

Want to know more about working in Symbio?
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