Juho Järvinen

Senior Test Engineer

“Problem solving combined with normal jobs.”

Challenge solved

What gets you going in the morning? The feeling that I’m providing value and quality to the customer. Since I work as a troubleshooter, I need to dig and find out “what the H*LL is wrong with this thing!” Obviously, solving these problems is never straightforward – sometimes you have to get creative and bring in other people before you can move forward.

This kind of work is a great motivator, but you also want “normal and easy” jobs in between the brain-racking work. Fortunately, we have plenty of both, so finding the right balance between routine tasks and new challenges is easy.

Mix it up

How do you have fun at work? When you’re a Symbioneer, you’re part of a bigger mix of cultures, languages and people. You could even say that everything is mixed up in a positive sense. No wonder, our morning coffee talks take a weird comic turn every now and then.

I also like how you get to know people “deeply” in our line of work. Not only do you work together to find those big solutions, you also learn to make jokes that your colleagues REALLY understand.

Future on display

What’s something cool going on at Symbio? Simple: Have you heard of multi-purpose car displays? We make a few of those for some of the biggest car brands.

In fact, we have a plethora of possibilities and customers – from the automotive industry to elevators of the future. If you like working at your top level and getting the job done on time, Symbio is definitely packed with opportunity.