Sayed Tenkanen

Specialist Test Automation Engineer

“Step outside your comfort zone.”

Greater good

What is your super power? I think it is the insatiable desire to learn and connect. My job lets me jump into new projects and learn new things. I do believe that I contribute to the greater good in my every small way through my work in these projects that matter.

Symbio is also a worldwide consulting company with a wide range of customers and plenty of challenging projects across the different industries. So you are very unlikely to grow tired or get stuck in the same pattern at your work, you can go professionally as far as you want to go.

More motivation

What clicks in your work? I really like how my job inspires me to step outside my comfort zone. I get the support I need to explore new ideas and opportunities with the people I care about. My work is not just another sprint but a multidimensional learning experience that benefits everyone involved and beyond.

My advice to anyone wanting to join Symbio will be that be yourself and boldly communicate what makes you unique.