Ari Suoyrjö

Software Engineer

“I can be myself.”

Positive energy

What inspires you right now? I have this dream of buying an apartment for my family – and Symbio is making it happen. I’m also working with people who are so relaxed and have a great sense of humor. Thanks to their support, I can be myself at work.

In a way I can channel the stress of not having to be something I’m not into positive energy. It helps me not succumb to pressure and adapt faster to new tasks.

Full support

What makes your work challenging? I’m a software developer, so the default expectation is that I can deliver. I also need to develop my skills continuously and adapt to new challenges. The reward is that when I succeed, I get paid and I know that I’m good.

And in my line of work, you cannot stress the importance of cooperation and collaboration enough. What’s great about Symbio is nobody has to work alone. Support is always available.