Eija Tiainen

Executive Assistant

“Glimpse the future at Symbio”

Eija Tiainen, the Executive Assistant at the Tampere office, has long experience of assistant roles in international technology firms. A few years’ experience of the congress and cultural world has served to deepen her expertise.

“It’s great to be back experiencing the buzz of the technology sector. Here, I have wonderful opportunities to catch glimpses of current and future solutions tailored by our employees for our customers. I was swept off my feet by the energy I encountered in Symbio,” says Tiainen.

At home in the world of engineering

For Eija, joining Symbio was an easy choice to make after meeting her boss, Jari Mylly.

“It was immediately clear from our discussions that employees are appreciated here, and encouraged to give of their best. I enjoyed an extremely warm, friendly and helpful welcome. Both my orientation and learning process has proceeded briskly. Despite tending to be ruled by my head rather than my heart, I felt at home in just a few days. An enthusiastic and professional atmosphere and great colleagues have helped me to fit right in,” she says.

A multitasking back-office maestro

Eija is service-minded, efficient and has a good sense of humor. Where necessary, she is a back-office maestro who gives a firm but friendly push to ensure that things get done.

“My motto is that there is no such thing as a situation or challenge that I can’t solve. Every task can be accomplished – if possible quickly and exceeding expectations,” says Eija, describing her attitude.

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