Jani Pelkonen

Senior Manager

”Serving hundreds of thousands of people”

A product development expert disrupting the automotive sector

Jani Pelkonen took up product development responsibilities at Symbio at the end of 2018. At the time, Pelkonen had 18 years of experience in product development at Nokia, Microsoft and Link Motion, the latter of which introduced him to the wonders of the automotive sector.

An office in central Tampere

Pelkonen regards the location of his office in Hämeenkatu, central Tampere, as ideal due to its short distances to all parts of the city. The automotive team is spread between Tampere, Kuopio and Oulu.

”All of my colleagues are great and we have excellent team spirit. It’s easy to get along with the team. Symbio offers benefits of the same level as corresponding software and product development firms, i.e. they are highly competitive on the Finnish scale.”

Serving hundreds of thousands of people

Pelkonen views Symbio as an attractive workplace for experts in the sector, since people are drawn towards success and the opportunity to participate in long-term product development.

”Interesting and fulfilling tasks boost motivation and improve employee satisfaction. Members of the Elysian team have an excellent opportunity to work for international automotive firms developing extremely media-sexy products. When the Elysian platform has found its way into future car models, our product will be guaranteed hundreds of thousands of users and have a positive effect on countless lives,” says Pelkonen.

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