Aleksi Suomalainen

Software Engineer, Specialist

Aleksi Suomalainen

After a few exciting entrepreneur years, I re-joined Symbio as a Software Engineer, Specialist. I was a part of the Symbio team in the past and enjoyed that time a lot but then decided to try something new and jumped for an entrepreneur path.  I had good memories of Symbio culture and projects in mind. Therefore, the decision to make a come-back was easy to make.  

Even though my overtheyears gained experience is broad, I’m most interested in the Linux world. In my career, I have tried out and enjoyed many things, for example, developing enterprise software and doing web development. But my real passion lies in the Linux side. The interest towards Linux aroused through hobby projects, and along years I have gained in-depth knowledge in that area by being part of various projects related to it.  

Currently, I work a Linux project in a Yocto environment, and we have a small team inside in Symbio working in that project at our Espoo premises.  

I feel Symbio’s projects offer continual challenges. The atmosphere is at the office is relaxed and warm – it’s not either a minus factor that the sea views from the Keilasatama’s 7th floor are amazing!  I believe the best way to learn is by doing things and solving problems in everyday working life, and the most exciting challenges come with varied projects.